To wrap up Season 3, we sit down with Robert Emmons Jr. to discuss his campaign for Congress and how he plans to make an impact in Illinois' 1st District. His answer, #WeAreTheSolution! He is a strong believer in people power and coalition building.
As Season 3 comes to an end, we wanted to sit down with 5th Ward Aldermanic Candidate, William Calloway and learn more about his campaign, his vision and where his leadership journey began.


Millennials are leaving traditional jobs in record numbers and creating spaces for themselves. As the most educated generation, they are breaking barriers by becoming entrepreneurs and turning their passions into their life's work. To close out 2018, we sat down with Xavier Ramey and Myles Gage to discuss the journey of starting their own companies, Justice Informed and Rapunzl Invest.
Days before the 2018 Mid-term election, I sat down with 4 millennials in Hyde Park to discuss the importance of voting, being civically engaged, the Chicago Mayoral election and our top 2020 Presidential draft picks. Check out more at
On the heels of the Insecure season finale, We The People returns this month for a conversation on Millennials, Dating, and Relationships. We sat down with a fun group to discuss online dating, social media and a few dating key terms.
As teachers and students across the country prepare for a new school year, I thought it would be powerful to open the new season with a conversation about the importance and impact of Black male educators in urban schools.


As we close out Season 2, I decided to share my leadership journey and highlight those moments that have truly allowed me to define my purpose and passion. Friend of We The People, Samantha Edwards interviews me at The University of Chicago.
This week we sit down with Bushra Amiwala, the youngest and first Muslim woman to run for the Cook County Board of Commissioners (Chicago,IL). I heard her story on social media and wanted to learn more about her inspiration and what her campaign experience was like and what's next for her.
This week on We The People, I sit down with Oscar. His story is truly inspiring. I am always inspired by people who are able to turn their experiences into their passion and purpose. Oscar is working daily to make the college admission process easier for Dreamers here in the United States.
This week on We The People, we sit down with Cameesha Jones, the founder of Sista Afya. This organization supports the mental health of women of color in the city of Chicago. Cameesha's story has fueled her passion and purpose and has made a huge impact on the Southside of the city.
In the black community, barbershops are a sanctuary for men of all ages and all walks of life. Starting at an early age, young men are able to connect with and learn from more seasoned men in the community.
With 5 episodes remaining in the second season, this week on We The People, I sit down with Chakena Sims, a community and political organizer in Chicago. I sat down with her to learn about the past experiences that has inspired her current political work and how these will lead her to accomplishing her future aspirations.
This week we sit down with Miguel Solis, the youngest elected Dallas Public Schools Trustee & the Executive Director of the Latino Center for Leadership Development. His career began as a TFA corps member and later decided to run for the Board at 27 years old.
Last fall I sat down with Vice Mayor of Charlottesville, Virginia, Dr. Wes Bellamy in Chicago. He was in town attending the Obama Foundation Summit. We discussed race, equity in city politics, and how millennials can remain their authentic selves while speaking truth to power.
This week I sit down with dancer, entrepreneur and fitness coach, Dwight Holt Jr. I am truly inspired by people who leave their traditional jobs and pursue their passions and turn them into their daily work. Dwight is one of those people. He coaches/teaches fitness and dance through his company, Dance Your Pounds Off.
For the first interview of 2018, I flew to Philadelphia to speak with Quamiir Trice. He is an educator and entrepreneur who is using his influence to change the future of the city. Quamiir's story is super inspiring and I hope that you are inspired to use your "failures" in life to propel you forward as he has.
Happy New Year! Today we celebrate 1 year of highlighting amazing millennials around the country. On todays episode we reflect on this amazing year and highlight 5 millennials who inspired us in 2017!

To close out 2017, I sit down with Kareem Taylor. Kareem is a voice actor, author and entrepreneur who currently lives in Los Angeles. In this interview we chat via Skype about his book Get Your Life, purpose, passion and happiness. 

This week I sit down with Dejonique Garrison, a news anchor and investigative reporter in Beaumont, Texas. We met in Atlanta to discuss her journey to the news desk, her thoughts on the role of journalists and philosophy on reporting facts versus feelings.
I recently sat down with veteran Prince George's County (MD) Board of Education member, Ed Burroughs, III. At 18 he was elected as a student representative and later ran for a full seat and has now served for 10 years, making him the most senior member.

Earlier this year I sat down with my cousin, Ferrell Fellows, to discuss her book, Memoirs of a Dreamer. Her book truly challenged me to relentlessly pursue my dreams and to invest in my gifts, purpose and passions. Check it out.

I recently sat down with poet, author & Artistic Director of Young Chicago Authors, Kevin Coval. He is the definition of DOPE! We discussed his Chicago story, mentoring Chance the Rapper & the process he used in writing his most recent book A People's History of Chicago. I truly enjoyed speaking to him.
Earlier this summer, I sat down with author, founder & CEO of The Sister Accord Foundation. After the amazing reception of her book, Sonia Jackson Myles leveraged her growing audience to create a foundation that empowers both women and girls across the country.
Meet Juliana Stratton! In 2016 she was elected to the Illinois House of Representatives (5th District), and is now a candidate for Lieutenant Governor. She is a rising star in the state of Illinois, and it was an honor to sit down with her and learn about all the work she has done, is planning to continue to do once elected.
Season 2 of We The People returns with the Founder & CEO of Urban Prep Academies, Tim King. Urban Prep has rededately proven year after year that Black young men can be academically successful. The story of the founding of the school is inspiring.